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"Picnic" still holds considerable power​ [...] Mark Bramhall is terrific as a confirmed bachelor happily undone by a combination of alcohol, a full moon and his own essential kindness."

--Los Angeles Times


With John Lithgow on HBO'S PERRY MASON

With Seth Green on DADS Pilot

"Some actors can go for the obvious laugh and get it, no questions asked; others go broad and belly-flop big-time. At times Mark Bramhall seems to be doing both as Harpagon, the title character of "The Miser" at A Noise Within. Hollow-cheeked, beady-eyed and bony, with a shock of white hair and a billy-goat beard, Bramhall gives the kind of go-for-broke performance--broad yet somehow dry, wild but frosty--that soars the more he flails, and makes us cringe as much as laugh."

--Los Angeles Times​​​


​​​​​​​"The real stars of this production are the supporting players. Mark Bramhall plays Virgil [...]. Every word he says reflects years of life experience [...] Virgil moves with the wisdom of lessons learned the hard way."

Talkin' Broadway Regional News & Reviews: Los Angeles


"​​​​​​​​Mark Bramhall ​as Granddad is nothing short of a wonder to watch. He can speak volumes with the subtlest look or action and has the audience eating out of his hand the entire time."​​​​​​





"Superb acting [...] Bramhall projects a creaturely, feral menace fused with comic élan." --LA Weekly

As the pompous, bumbling constable Dogberry, Mark Bramhall delivers scene-stealing hilarity; in his impassioned malaprops he's truly "too cunning to be understood."
--Los Angeles Times

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